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Supporting reduced mobility passengers

Published: 17/02/2020  General

In order to assist Wilson James in their support of passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), Heathrow Commercial Telecoms was approached to supply the infrastructure required to provide an efficient and seamless service. This included ensuring that there was a working Managed LAN network and CT Roaming Wifi solution in place.

According to Ozion, 1% of airline passengers require PRM assistance. Supporting these passengers is a complex activity, with up to 8 agents needed to take a passenger to, or from, their aircraft. The seamless flow of information is essential to the smooth running of this service.

The project included providing two separate CT roaming solutions, one for corporate use connected directly to Wilson James corporate networks and another that allowed access to Ozion, a software used by PRM agents to track the PRM routes and processes. The use of CT roaming ensured that the PRM staff were able to access and update the software on the move, allowing for a reliable and efficient PRM service even in a naturally unpredictable environment.

This was supported by providing an IPSEC design which would connect all the networks back to Wilson James’ Head Office as well as rack space to store necessary equipment.