Commercial Telecoms

What we do

Seamless connectivity across entire Heathrow airport

Serving customers 24/7 is easier with Heathrow Commercial Telecommunications.

We'll work with you to determine the best, most cost-effective solutions that meet your needs - both now and in the future. With our 24/7 support based on the Heathrow campus, we're always there to guarantee things run smoothly.


We work with airlines of all sizes, to help you avoid the disruptions and downtime that could have serious impacts on your day-to-day operations. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience of airports, airlines and the ICS landscape to keep you up and running.

We help Airlines with 24/7 fast connectivity solutions for both staff and passengers. Staff can access the latest information wherever they are to anticipate and cater for passenger needs more easily – giving your customers a faster, more seamless journey through the airport.

Ground Handlers

We work with ground handling companies to deliver guaranteed network coverage, reliable services and high-speed deployment, to keep your systems running. We offer the highest levels of resiliency and provide you with updates in real time.

With connectivity and information on the go, it’s easier for your staff to co-ordinate fleets of aircraft and ensure passenger safety at all times. Thus, they can provide the best possible service to aircrafts, from the point of landing to when they taxi out.


We work with retailers of all sizes to support new store fit-outs with consistent, high quality end-to-end infrastructure and communications solutions (ICS). We can support you through your overall fit-out programme, whilst ensuring you achieve the technical solution your head office requires. Our in-depth experience of airports means we can help you to maximise the investment you make at the airport.

You can run a more connected operation, ensuring stores receive real-time views of stock, so they always have what customers want. And with reliable radio and apps, staff can move freely between multiple stores to offer the best possible customer service.

Support Services

We work with airport support service companies of all kinds, delivering end-to-end infrastructure and communications solutions (ICS). We provide you with the highest levels of consistent service coverage and resiliency. You get increased mobility to access your corporate services wherever you are in the airport which helps to save time and improve profitability.

With total connectivity, team members can be deployed to assist passengers wherever they are in the airport. Armed with the information they need, staff can help passengers quicker, ensuring they maintain a high level of customer experience.