Commercial Telecoms

Heightened change control schedule

What is happening?

We are alerting you to the restricted change control periods for 2024, to help in your planning and preparation.

What will be the impact?

During these periods, changes will be subject to greater scrutiny and higher levels of approval unless the change is to address a major incident.

When is this happening?


HCC Dates

Changes should be avoided from being implemented on these days, unless they are Emergency Changes.
Changes can be implemented on these days, but may be subject to being moved to outside the Amber period.


  • All terminals/areas are affected.
  • Further updates to this alert may be issued as Airport peak operations data using daily business plan passenger totals becomes available.
  • With the exception of emergency break fixes, all changes will be subject to at least 24 hours of stability on any system being changed.
  • Test systems that are totally isolated and other areas that are isolated from production environments are excluded from these specific periods.
  • This Change Control alert does not apply to break fixes on production systems (i.e. not test or development) as a result of an incident or system alert.