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Custom coloured Wi-Fi antennas for Heathrow clients

Published: 18/02/2020  General

Heathrow Commercial Telecoms worked on a challenging project in Q4 2019 where we had to provide WLAN Access Points (WLAN APs) to a retail customer with strict aesthetic guidelines. Wifi access points had to be implemented without impacting the visual identity of the store.

Our team's unique solution was to install the access points (APs) in hatches located in the ceiling of the retail unit. In order to avoid the degradation of wireless connectivity, custom painted antennas were placed on the ceiling directly. The antennas are barely visible to the general public and followed the client's requirements.

After a successful trial we're happy to announce that this solution is now available to all Heathrow Commercial Telecoms clients. WLAN antennas can be spray painted in any RAL colour standard to match your brand guidelines. 

Contact your account manager if you are interested.