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CCTV Services by Commercial Telecoms

Published: 02/08/2022  General

Heathrow has a vast number of CCTV cameras installed throughout the airport, and these views are readily available for our Commercial Telecoms customers to access. In fact, the CCTV network is already being leveraged by airlines, ground handlers, law enforcement, and border agencies. Our users have the ability to monitor multiple live views simultaneously and retrieve and replay historical footage. 


Customers can access our common CCTV infrastructure and view from dedicated viewing stations via the Heathrow network. Our dedicated viewing stations can range from a single screen to implementing an entire screen wall depending on the customer requirements. We now have the additional option to access remotely via the new secure web portal, allowing customers more flexibility regarding accessing CCTV views, whether in an off-airport command centre or when roaming with portable devices. 


The Heathrow system can be interconnected via a Wide Area Network (WAN). Operators in a separate control centre may be able to monitor live videos and retrieve and replay recorded videos over the network from cameras at any of the distributed sites. 


You can retrieve archive footage for up to 31 days. Our CCTV network is also supported by our 24x7x365 IT Service Desk for any issues that you encounter. Heathrow Commercial Telecoms provides flexible access to the Heathrow CCTV network for their customers. Please get in touch with us via to find out more.