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CCTV Remote Monitoring Service by Commercial Telecoms

Published: 12/01/2023  General

Remote monitoring through CCTV cameras helps with decision-making, surveillance and efficiency. It gives visibility into what is happening on the landside and the airfield. 

With the help of Heathrow's vast network of CCTV cameras, our users can monitor multiple live views simultaneously and retrieve historical footage. The system is interconnected via a Wide Area Network(WAN), so operators in site 1 can also view live or recorded video from site 2.

Viewing stations range from a single screen to an entire screen wall. Now remote monitoring via a new secure web portal is available, offering visibility when roaming with portable devices. Various customers, including airlines, ground handlers, law enforcement, and border agencies, find our CCTV network beneficial. 

Existing airlines have increased operational efficiency by having access to real-time views of their aircraft on stands, in tow, and on the airfield. The benefits of using CCTV remote monitoring are; 

  • An accurate real-time view of turnaround & departure tasks helps take proactive steps when stand planning. 
  • It offers visibility of aircraft in tow and taxiing. It can help to plan departure times realistically.
  • Cameras to keep up to date with incidents on the airfield, such as emergency landings or aircraft being hit on a stand. 
  • The operational manager, with more insight, can better keep passengers updated, leading to a better customer experience. 
  • Archive footage can be retrieved for up to 31 days to analyse incidents and generate feedback.

Testimonial from Lisa Samways, Business Development Manager at British Airways:
"Access to CCTV has really aided decision making. Remote monitoring gives me visibility of what is happening at the aircraft side. On a departure I can now see if the Tug is present , if the Jetty is still attached or if catering are still engaged. It has reduced the number of times of I need to ring the Dispatcher and means I can allocate a Stand more efficiently and avoid aircraft waiting for a stand."

Heathrow Commercial Telecoms provides our customers with access to the Heathrow CCTV network, whether you require flexible URL access for remotely checking views on a device of your choice or a fixed viewing station and screen wall. Our CCTV is supported by our 24x7x365 IT Service Desk for any issues. Please get in touch with us via to find out more.