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Keeping Heathrow seamlessly connected

Heathrow Commercial Telecoms Innovation Event 9 May, 2017

Working on the move so staff spend more time in front of customers with access to tools and information they need; direct communication between devices using wired and wireless communication channels has become the norm in the connected world. Your business demands for your staff to work from wherever-whenever and facilitate Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.

Commercial Telecoms (CT) have taken a holistic approach as to what this means in context of 24/7 connectivity with increasing vulnerability to cyber threats. As you look to introduce more automation and devices to support your business we are enabling more capability into our solutions so you can keep your staff mobile, their devices secure and adopt M2M applications.

Proposed airport expansion display model and plans unveiled.

View the presentations made on the day

01 Heathrow technology journey – What we have done, Where we are going

Stuart Birrell, CIO Heathrow

02 Commercial Telecoms Roadmap – Team update, Priorities, Wi-Fi ASQ

Roberto Segala Head of Commercial Telecoms

03 On the move – Q6 Network program highlights, Wireless roaming

Rob Pengilley, Head of Services Commercial Telecoms

04 Commercial Telecoms Product update – Co-location, Broadband

Thomas Sermon, Account Manager

05 IoT in ATI – Benefits and uses cases

Fabio Linhares, Snr. Business Development Manager SITA

06 Blockchain – Flight info on Blockchain

Kevin O’Sullivan, Lead Engineer SITA Labs

07 Commercial Telecoms Customer Service update – Who we are and what we do

Bonnie Lantier, Service Delivery Manager

08 Commercial Telecoms Marketing update – What’s new, Customer Community forum and portal

Nita Barthakur, Product Marketing Manager

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